Loyal Dog (feat. Lance Fohrenkam) [Single]

by Slush Not Snow

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Produced by Lance Fohrenkam & Slush Not Snow
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Lance Fohrenkam



I am a dog, a loyal fucking dog, I love you all the time
I love you so much that when you come home I'm so happy that it makes me cry
It's crazy how fast my tail wags when I see you open up the door
I like to yell but you still treat me well so I always bark more

I feel so lucky when you let me piss outside
When you're bummed, I'm bummed and hang with you all night
I hate your girlfriend but I love you all the time
On a leash or on the floor I'll always be by your side

I think about how much it would suck if I had real things to do
Other than eat and sleep and repeat and take long walks with you
I know I'm alone when you're not home even if you leave the TV on
You gave me a bone, how I loved that bone but I buried it out in the yard

10 years later, I'm a little bit slow but my heart still races when you come back home
I've seen a lot of places and I've licked a lot of faces but yours I will always know
I am a dog, a loyal old dog with sorry puppy eyes
Buried in my tray or buried away, I love you all the time

Buried in my tray or buried away, I love you all the time


released 04 February 2014



all rights reserved


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